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We at Brunet proudly act as a global supplier to the most fashionable brands and retailers.

Thanks to:

  • A close and considerate relationship with our customers
  • An accurate optimization of resources in order to reduce costs without any compromise on quality
  • Continuously fostering design, research and development, manufacturing processing, quality and logistics



Over 100 years Brunet finds its roots in Calais (France) where it used to produce Leavers laces. Already by then our specific handwriting coupled with a will to push barriers seduced many of the lingerie brands worldwide.

100 years later we stood the test of time due to our tradition of successfully innovating day after day, seasons after seasons. The branches of a tree are never longer than the roots so even in today’s modern world we often refer back to our treasures, our archives. It helps us fulfilling our esteemed customers’ dreams and makes them fall in love with our lace collections.

Brunet is operating 2 state of the art factories in Asia – China and Thailand. Both factories are equipped with latest technology machines from Karl Mayer (Germany) operated under performance driven management system.

As a consequence all major actors from the lingerie market have accredited us. We also help to protect the environment by a very innovative water and waste treatment. 

As far as service is concerned we are proud to understand our clients expectations and meet or exceed their request at all times. Our front line team has been trained up to listen, comprehend and give the best possible answer in a timely manner. 


Located in Kowloon Bay, our office is dedicated to service, reliability and speed. Our team has been trained to be as close as possible from our key accounts. From Hong Kong we go worldwide with a key word: make your life easy.
In 2006 Brunet has opened a state of the art factory in Shenzhen (South China). China is our core site in terms of development. Fully equipped with latest lace machine generation we are developing our collections on JL95, TL66 but also fancy mesh grounds on RSJ5.
In 2008 Brunet opened its second Asian factory located in Thailand. The objective was clearly to grow our total available capacity. Machines and procedures are standardized between China and Thailand allowing a 100% flexibility on both production sites.