CREATION: unique hand writting

We are fully dedicated to inspire our respected customers by creating and delivering the most fashionable, technical and quality laces in the market

Brunet creation is the most in the world. Located in China, Hong Kong and Thailand our Teams combine conceptual and technical works to achieve the most refined lace patterns

Based on century old archives from France, catwalks, exhibitions, we deliver iconic mini collections every 8 weeks to stay as close as possible from market trends.

We also propose a fast track tailor made customer service with artworks submitted in 24 hours and physical samples delivered in a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks.

All Brunet designs have copyright protecting all our customers from any kind of infringement.

QUALITY and SERVICE: our core values

Quality and Service are timeless and never go out of fashion.

We strongly believe in quality management, control and improvement. Our goal is to deliver lace of the highest quality to all our customers. Therefore we pay a lot of efforts in inspecting our products throughout the whole production process. As a consequence all major actors from the lingerie market have accredited us. We also help to protect the environment by a very innovative water and waste treatment.

As far as service is concerned we are proud to understand our clients expectations and meet or exceed their request at all times. Our front line team has been trained up to listen, comprehend and give the best possible answer in a timely manner.